Announcing the Sunnyville Super Special #2 Kickstarter!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have another Kickstarter that I am planning for this year.  After the one I plan for April 7th wraps up (to fund a micro run of Sunnyville #17), I will launch yet another one.

This Kickstarter will commence on Wednesday, June 13th and is intended to fund the Sunnyville Stories Super Special #2.  The Super Special #2 will be a limited edition comic of about 24 pages.  About 30 copies will be printed up and they will be signed & numbered just like the first Super Special!

Claire and Dominic Concept 1

The focus of the super special #2 will be on Dominic Duncan (right), Rusty’s seven-year-old cousin, and Claire Adamsen (left), his teenage neighbor.  She’s a porcupine.  This comic will contain a short story involving the antics of Rusty and Dominic with reaction from Claire all the while.  I may also put in a few extra bonuses in this comic too.  

The goal of this Kickstarter will be to raise US$315 to fund 30 copies of this limited edition comic.

Thirty copies of the Sunnyville Super Special #2 will run about $50.10 with an extra $13.65 to cover shipping these comics to me.  Padded envelopes will run about $56.  First class mail (at a rate of $3.46) to about 25 backers (estimated) would run about $86.50 with international mail (at a rate of $12.50) to 5 backers (estimated) would go for about $62.50.  That runs to a total of $255.10.  Adding on processing fees, the cut taken by the nice people at Kickstarter and a little bit more to cover anything unforeseen will put this at $315 total.

Now for the rewards!

A pledge of just $1 gets your name printed in the comic as our way of saying thank you.

A pledge of $4 gets your name in the comic and a free PDF copy of the Sunnyville Super Special #2!

A pledge of $8 gets your name in the comic, a free PDF copy and a signed & numbered copy of the Sunnyville Super Special #2 mailed out to you ANYWHERE in the world!

I will have some higher tier rewards too.  I plan to do so a short color comic with Dominic & Claire and these will only be available to those who pledge $25-50.

If you pledge $25, you will get all of the above rewards plus a copy of the special Dominic & Claire color comic plus some original artwork of Dominic and/or Claire.  This will be limited to ONLY three backers.

If you pledge $50, you will get all of the above including a copy of the special Dominic & Claire color comic plus a piece of original artwork with the cousins, Rusty and Dominic!  This is limited to ONLY one backer.

At least two stretch goals have been planned.

Remember that this Kickstarter will commence on Wednesday June 13 and will run about 30 days.  Mark your calendars and save your money, Sunnyville fans!

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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