Sunnyville 17 and Super Special Concept Art

I’ve been quite busy.  But today, I want to share with you some artwork I’ve done to promote two upcoming Kickstarters.

First, we have the Sunnyville Stories #17 Kickstarter that kicks off on Saturday April 7.  Here’s the artwork I’ll be using.  

Hieronymous and Rusty

This is the artwork I plan to use on the Kickstarter page itself.  On the left is Hieronymous, a red fox that our heroes meet in Sunnyville #17.  They will need his help to get back home to Sunnyville.  On the right is our hero Rusty, dressed in his red hooded sweater.

Later on, I will be announcing another Kickstarter for around June and that is for a spin-off involving Sunnyville Stories.  This will feature Rusty’s cousin, Dominic, and his neighbor, Claire.

Claire and Dominic Concept 1

On the left is Claire Adamsen, a fourteen-year-old porcupine, neighbor to Dominic, his friend…and Dominic’s crush.  On the right we have Dominic Duncan, Rusty’s seven-year-old cousin.

The concept for these two is the age-old pairing of the straight man and wise guy from vaudeville.  Claire plays the straight man and Dominic is the wiseguy; basically, Claire exists to set up Dominic to say something funny or to react.

My plan for these two is to spin off into a comic in the Sunnyville universe titled the Dominic & Claire Comedy Show.  In contrast to Sunnyville, this would exclusively feature jokes and gag situations.  As time goes on and I hammer out the details, I should have more news on that.

I also want to point out that the character design and color scheme for Claire is NOT final.  I want to tweak the design more, design a model sheet and try a few more color palettes.

This version of Claire is different from my original idea.  Early on, Claire was going to be a cat but I wanted something different.  When thinking of ideas, I watched the 2016 animated movie from Illumination Entertainment titled Sing.  I developed a liking for the character of Ash, a female porcupine voiced by Scarlet Johansson.  So I decided to try a porcupine character and came up with the final concept for Claire.

That’s it for now.  I hope to have more news up soon and more comics work to share.

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