Sunnyville Number 17, Pages 1-2

Hello, friends.  Welcome back to the blog.  Today, I have some pages of comics to share with you from Sunnyville Stories #17.

Sunnyville Number 17 Page 1 top panel

Rusty, Samantha and Sam’s brother Jason have arrived in Oak City, a small city several miles north of Sunnyville.  Whatever you can’t find in Solton or Sunnyville, you can find in Oak City.

Sunnyville Number 17 Page 1 bottom panel

For those of you wondering why Rusty seems to be so fascinated with the cityscape, keep in mind that this is the first time he has been to such a place ever since he moved to Sunnyville.  It’s been ages since he saw anything resembling the city he used to live in before the start of the series.

Sunnyville Number 17 Page 2 top panel

Oak City Town Centre was based on Four Seasons Town Centre, a shopping mall in Greensboro, North Carolina.  When I was living in rural North Carolina in the early 1990s, we made trips to this mall to go shopping.

Sunnyville Number 17 Page 2 middle panel

Sunnyville Number 17 Page 2 Bottom Panel

If Rusty looks amazed at the sight of the mall, keep in mind that he also has not been inside of one since his move to Sunnyville.

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