Sunnyville Number 17 Finished

I owe all you readers and fans an apology for not recently updating the blog in regards to Sunnyville Stories #17.  I have been so busy working on it.

I do have good news, everyone.  It has been finished at last!  Late Sunday night, I finished and signed the last page to Sunnyville #17!

Signing the last page of Sunnyville #17

In a short time, I’ll be working up the cover of Sunnyville #17.

The Sunnyville #17 Kickstarter is in its final days.  It’ll be ending soon and it is fully funded.

Once the cover is finished, I’ll be taking off the coming week to work on my novel.  Once my novel is finished, I’m going to work on the Sunnyville Stories Super Special #2 which will have its own Kickstarter launching on June 13.  I need to revise that slightly and work out the final content of that comic.  As a reminder, it’s meant to launch the planned spin-off I’ve been wanting to do with Rusty’s cousin, Dominic, and his friend, Claire.

As for the next installment in the saga of Sunnyville – Sunnyville Stories #18 – I don’t expect to start that until well into the summer.  That’ll have its own Kickstarter so I’ll make an announcement about that soon enough.

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