Dominic and Claire Fun-Size Kickstarter Details

Welcome back, friends. Just as I said I would, I want to go more into detail about the Kickstarter for Dominic & Claire Fun-Size. We launch on Wednesday morning of September 4, 2019.

A brief DISCLAIMER before we start: All information in here is subject to change. In the buildup to the actual Kickstarter, I may adjust the numbers and rewards. I’ll try to share that as often as possible with you fans.

Anway, the planned goal is a more ambitious one. This time the goal is US$800. While still below the $1000+ mark, I feel it can be done. I have some new strategies to be unleashed both before and during this Kickstarter; this time, I’m confident we can win.

As for cost breakdown, the item we aim to fund is a 5.5 by 8.5 inch (digest size) comic book with a black/white interior count of 16 pages. It will contain short vignettes with Rusty Duncan’s cousin, Dominic, and his teenage neighbor, Claire. The print run of this comic will be 500 copies; an American printer called Dazzle Printing will be used. Besides free shipping to me, their turnaround time is quick at about 4 business days. This means I will get the items quickly and send them out to backers without having to wait on delays. That printing will run around $411.73.

A sufficient supply of 6 x 9 inch padded envelopes will run around $76. Estimated postage to domestic backers (first class mail) will run around $175 while postage to a handful of expected international backers should run around $28.35.

That brings our total to $691.08. Adding on an additional 10% to that (covering Kickstarter’s take and processing fees) brings it to $760.18. Adding on a little extra to cover anything unexpected brings it to $800.

Now let’s get onto the rewards! The basic reward tier is $10. That will get you a copy of Dominic & Claire Fun-Size plus a copy of the Dominic & Claire Funnies. On top of that, you will get a black & white inked drawing of Dominic or Claire (your choice)! All these will be mailed out to you anywhere in the world!

A special early bird reward tier at $15 will be available too. That will include the above rewards and you will get two extra digest size comics of mine sent to you. This will be limited to only 5 backers.

Next up is a $25 reward tier that is limited to only 4 backers. You get copies of both Fun-Size and the Funnies, the character sketch, plus you will get original color comic art of one of the four milestone bonus comics I’ll be doing (I’ll explain that in a bit).

A bigger reward tier of $75 is limited to only two backers. You will get both comics and the character sketch mailed out to you plus two special items! You will get the original cover art, either for Dominic & Claire Fun-Size or the unused cover for the first incarnation of this comic (Dominic & Claire Return). You (a character or caricature) will also appear as a cameo in a one-page gag in the Fun-Size comic!

A reward tier will be offered to anyone with a retail business too. Each and every one who backs the Kickstarter will get their name printed in the comic. There’s going to be a unique strategy employed here called a milestone bonus. When we reach the following funding levels – 25 %, 50%, 75% and 100% – everyone who pledged will get a milestone bonus in the form of an extra comic…in color! It will feature Dominic and/or Claire in a humorous situation!

Now doesn’t that sound awesome? Remember that we need your support for funding so mark your calendars for Wed. Sept. 4! Subscribe to my mailing list and this blog too for more news!

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