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Today’s blog post (and tomorrow’s) is meant to introduce Rusty’s cousin Dominic Duncan. I believe one of the reasons the first Kickstarter failed was that there was NOT enough of a connection between readers and Dominic; therefore, this post is a brief profile of Dominic. I did this with Rusty too back when I first launched the blog. Before we start, don’t forget that you should subscribe to my mailing list and that the Dominic & Claire Fun-Size Kickstarter launches on Wednesday 9/4.

Anyway, let’s meet our adorable protagonist.

Dominic Duncan

Dominic Duncan is a 7-year-old kitten who lives with this family (I’ll introduce them in a moment) in New Gestad, a mountain town founded by Swiss immigrants.

Dominic is like any other little boy; he goes to school, he plays sports, he loves video games…but he’s also a wisecracker just like his cousin Rusty. His appearance was influenced by Huckle Cat from Richard Scarry’s Busytown but his personality is based on American comedian Groucho Marx. He is quite close to Claire Adamsen, his teenage neighbor, and has a crush on her. Dominic likes Claire a lot because she is incredibly pretty and she laughs at his jokes.

Dominic’s main nemesis is Chester, Claire’s older brother. Chester objects to Dominic’s closeness with Claire; for this reason, Chester is on the receiving end of Dominic’s insults and antics.

The Duncan Family Pencil Sketch Concept

This is a rough pencil sketch of Dominic’s family. On the left is Harald Duncan, Dominic’s father and Rusty’s uncle. He is the town’s clockmaker and runs the family business. Next to him is Abigail, his wife and mother to both of the children. That kitten you see in the lower right is Lori, Dominic’s 5-year-old sister.

I guarantee that we will be seeing more of Dominic’s family in future comics.

Come back tomorrow as I will introduce Dominic’s friend Claire. Meanwhile, subscribe to the mailing list and get ready for our Kickstarter launching 9/4!

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