Meet Claire

Welcome back, friends. Yesterday, I introduced Dominic, the protagonist of the upcoming Kickstarter (launching on Wed. 9/4). Let’s introduce the deuteragonist, Claire. But first, be sure to subscribe to my comics mailing list if you haven’t.

Claire color concept
Claire Adamsen

Claire Adamsen is a 14-year-old teenage girl who lives next door to Dominic’s family. She has an older brother, Chester (Dominic’s main rival), and her parents.

Claire is a typical teenage girl. She goes to high school, loves hanging out with her friends, blows bubble gum and makes extra money by babysitting.

Claire finds Dominic adorable in his raccoon costume

Claire cares a lot about Dominic. She has known him since he was born and has been close by his side, cuddling and kissing him frequently. She finds Dominic hilarious, often laughing at all the funny things he says and does. Claire plays the straight man role to Dominic’s wise guy, much like how Sam does this with Rusty.

She’s often happy and upbeat but even she has her limits. Sometimes, Claire will get upset at her brother for his jerk behavior or at Dominic if his jokes go too far. But she will not stay that way for long.

That’s it for now. Watch for the Dominic & Claire Fun-Size Kickstarter on 9/4. Subscribe to the mailing list too for more updates on that!

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