Sunnyville Stories Episode 1, page 11-12

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the official Sunnyville Stories blog.  Today, I will be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Check out the site for more details.  I’m also going back to school to keep honing my skills and I did want to announce that the School of Visual Arts in NYC has opened up its spring 2010 continuing education semester.  In fact, I’m going to be in a special course called Independent Projects Seminar: Comics.  This special seminar is for anyone working on their own comics.  It meets three times total, all day on Saturday, and it’s run by Tom Hart and Matt Madden.  I strongly recommend this class to anyone who is working on their own comics material.  But enough chit-chat.  Let’s get on with the comics.

Today we have some more pages of Sunnyville Stories episode 1 (titled “Beginnings”).  As we all know, Rusty Duncan moved with his family from a very far away metropolis into this tiny town known as Sunnyville.  Rusty’s new house doesn’t look that promising.  So what’s he do to now?

Why, he decides to go for a walk!

Episode 1 page 11Rusty goes for a walk out in the woods surrounding Sunnyville.  But can he find a friend in this new and unfamiliar town?

I did have fun drawing this page.  I liked doing the landscapes there – I have done various studies in my sketchbooks and in pen-and-ink of landscapes, trees, plants, etc.  Sunnyville will see a significant part of its story out in the wilderness after all.  If you notice that black tree in the foreground there in the bottom panel, that’s yet another example of the repoussoir technique which I discussed in an earlier post.

Episode 1 page 12

While I was writing the script and pencilling the pages, I had to keep in mind that Rusty is from a big city.  Out in this rural wilderness, he’s supposed to be a fish out of water.  You can definitely see that with that snake and him tripping over the rocks.

What else awaits Rusty Duncan in this strange new land?  Will he meet any friends?

Little does Rusty realize that his life will never be the same again…but that’s another post for another day.  Or more likely for next week.

This was in part based on my own personal experience of moving to a brand new place.  Have you ever had an experience like that?  Have you ever moved to a completely different place and found it weird or hard to understand?  Why not share your experiences here?  I’m sure Rusty and me would love to hear about it.

Tune in next Saturday for more pages to the first episode of Sunnyville.  Until then, so long!

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