Sunnyville Stories Episode 1, page 19-20

Welcome back, my friends.  I have some more pages from Sunnyville Stories episode 1 “Beginnings” up.  When we last left Rusty, he had met Sam Macgregor, a local girl and she took him home to have lunch and meet her family.  So let’s see how this meeting is going, shall we?  Episode 1 page 19

Here, Rusty meets Sam’s mother, Crystal Macgregor.  Crystal is a housewife (as are many of the women in Sunnyville) and has been making lunch…which you see has definitely got Rusty’s attention.  I probably have a passion for fish and chips that rivals Rusty’s own.  Note the design of Crystal BTW.  I was telling you about how I had to make her look unique yet related to Sam.  She has to look like she’s Sam’s mother, not her sister.  So in the end, I chose to use a different fur pattern.

Anyway, Rusty looks enthusiastic about getting a meal.  Nothing will stop him from getting a free lunch…or so he thinks.

Episode 1 page 20

Enter Sam’s siblings.  First we meet her younger brother, Jason Macgregor, aged 10.  Then we meet Sam’s older sister, Margaret, aged 16.  You gotta love the interaction between her and Rusty.

If you don’t recall my post about the Macgregor family, then go back and reread it.  There’s two more siblings to the Macgregor family…but they won’t be mentioned until next week.

BTW, I might add that if anyone will be in San Jose, California from January 13th to January 17th, I’ll be attending Further Confusion 2011.  There’ll be more on it in the next blog post and I hope to do a whole post on the convention when I return.

So stay tuned till next week everyone for more pages.  Don’t forget to subscribe via RSS or email, pick up your copy of Sunnyville #2 and please comment here with feedback on my work.

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