More Neat Comics to Check Out!

This is a very special blog entry.  I’m not here to talk about myself today or my work.  In fact, I’d like to tell you about the works of some other talented people out there.  I’ve been networking in order to get my name out there and meet others in the field (check out my post on that topic if you haven’t already) – finding some very incredible talent out there.

One of the more prominent ones I’ve been checking out is Jason Brubaker.  By day, he works for Dreamworks Animation (yes, THAT Dreamworks – makers of Shrek and Flushed Away).  But when not there, he’s been working on an epic piece called reMIND.

Brubaker has a number of pages up on his blog and to describe it here would take up many blog posts – you’re better off viewing his comics and reading insights into his story and working process there.  You WON’T be disappointed and this work looks promising. It was Brubaker who brought yet some more talent to my attention.  That person is named Daniel Lieske and he’s created a digitally painted piece called the Wormworld Saga.  Not unlike the first episode of Sunnyville, he has the whole first chapter available of his work to view for free.  Daniel’s handling of digital paint is uncanny.  In fact, he’s nice enough to have made some neat videos of his working process!


Cool, isn’t it?  Digital art is quite fascinating to me.  I mainly work in traditional media like pens, brushes, ink, and gouache – though I will occasionally use the computer to touch up my work.  If you’re interested in learning more about digital art, check out the UK-based magazine known as ImagineFX.  It covers a lot about digital art and some traditional methods too in the field of science fiction and fantasy.  In fact, the April 2011 issue of ImagineFX is quite a special one.  Check out the letters section on page 32 – they printed my letter in there!  Yes, the letter of me, your humble artist, Max West.  I am right of course – it’s good to stay current about what’s going on in the industry.

The last one I’d like to make mention of today is a lady named Mindy Steffen.  I had been in a summer class with her on how to promote yourself and your work.  That class was worth its weight in gold – in fact, that course led to the creation of this very blog!  Anyway, Mindy is working on her own comic called Aerhead and her blog covers the creation of it, step-by-step.  It’s definitely worth taking a look at.

All three of these people definitely have something strong going on here – so be sure to look at their work.  Tell them that Max West of Sunnyville sent you.

Does anyone else out there do comics too?  Tell me about your work here or even put up a link.  In fact, I installed the CommentLuv plugin so any comments of yours will also carry your latest blog post link – all the more reason why you should comment here!


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