Sunnyville Stories Episode 4 pencils, pages 1-2

I’m hard at working inking the fourth episode of Sunnyville Stories at the time of this blog post.  Between that, keeping this blog updated with good content, and working on my professional career, this is quite a challenge for me.  I do have a rough work print of the fourth episode and I’ll share with you some of those pages.  The fourth installment of Sunnyville is titled “Don’t Answer Me”.  In contrast to the earlier episodes, this is quite a dramatic episode.

Episode 4 page 1 pencilsI’ve had this image in my head for awhile.  I pictured Samantha Macgregor and her older sister, Margaret, just walking along the streets of town.  It took a long time to realize that image and put it down on paper.  As you can see in this rough pencil, I’m making use of linear perspective, namely one-point.  Around the time I started pencilling this comic, I started taking a class in perspective drawing with noted DC/Marvel professional Sal Amendola.  While I’m not positive how much use I’ll make of two-point or three-point, it’s still good to know and it has helped my drafting skills here.  Anyway, we see the girls here just walking along and talking about their toaster oven. 

Episode 4 page 2 pencilsSam and Margaret are chewing and blowing bubble gum here – not much of a surprise since they are teenage girls after all.  I love how I drew Margaret here, just looking at the bubble she’s blowing up.  It looks like she’s working hard to blow it up big.

Yet all of a sudden, something happens.  That bulldog you see in the lower panel is the local sheriff, Officer Carl Murphy.  I wonder why he’s in such a rush to enter the town fix-it shop.

Those of you who have read episode 3 of Sunnyville will probably recognize the character – Officer Carl played a big role in that story.  His role in this one though is minimal.

But why is he in such a rush to get to the shop?  What exactly is his big emergency?  That, loyal readers, will have to wait until next week.

At the time of this writing, I’m nearly halfway through inking the fourth episode of Sunnyville and I hope to have it out sometime in May.  Making comics can be a challenge.  Does anyone else out there make comics too?  Do you find it hard work?  Please tell us about it here.  I’d like to hear your thoughts.

That does it for this week.  Tune in next week for more pencilled pages of Sunnyville Stories episode 4.  And be sure to check out the neat tutorial I’m doing on how to make comics while you’re here too.

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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