Sunnyville Stories Episode 4, page 3-4 pencils

I’m continuing to work on the fourth episode of Sunnyville Stories, titled “Don’t Answer Me”.  As I ink the piece, I’ll share a few more of the pencilled pages and give you some more insights into my working process.  You might remember from last time, Samantha Macgregor and her sister, Margaret, were on their way to the local fix-it shop.  But they had encountered local sheriff, Officer Carl, who had quite an emergency.

Episode 4 page 3 pencilsWe can see inside of the local repair shop.  The shop is owned by an elderly badger named Mr. Jakes (we’ll meet him in a bit) and his chief job is to fix the town’s appliances like televisions, radios, microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, record players, and so on.

Normally, he’s quite an industrious worker – but the girls notice that something is definitely wrong.  There’s appliances everywhere waiting to be fixed.  Some of those devices you see there were sketched from memory while others were drawn from photo reference.  Anyway, here we see Mr. Jakes make his first appearance in the universe of Sunnyville.  Being an elderly character who was good with machines, I actually based his physical appearance in part on the character of Doc, the crotchety old inventor from the 1980s Jim Henson TV show “Fraggle Rock”.

Episode 4 page 4 pencilsOfficer Carl’s big emergency was his broken TV…and apparently, it’s very important to him that he watch Gumby.  In fact, if anyone was reading the third episode of the series, you might remember Officer Carl was watching Gumby when we first introduced him.  I have to love the reactions that Sam and Margaret are having to the sheriff’s revelation.  Usually they’d be cracking up at something that Rusty says or does.

Again, I have to apologize for the look of these pencilled pages.  Anyone who’s been checking out my tutorials on making comics should know that pencils don’t reproduce well and why inking is a necessary part of making comics as it allows the images to be better viewed and comprehended by the reader.  After all, comics is a visual medium.

Next week, I’ll be putting up some more pencilled pages.  Does anyone out there draw comics too?  What are your pencilled pages like?  Any of your comments or input would be greatly appreciated.

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