Episode 7 Script Excerpt

Well, today I have yet another script excerpt.  This time, it’s from the seventh episode of Sunnyville Stories.  The title of it will be “By Any Other Name”.  It will involve much confusion.  How so?  Well…see for yourself.



By Max West

Everyone listened eagerly to Frederick Von Straussen as he showed off the valuable baubles of his mansion.

“This piece is a rare antique,” the finely dressed dog said, “It once belonged to Louis XVI.”

“Oh, secondhand,” Rusty answered.

The other adults looked shocked at his comment.  

Samantha Macgregor, wearing a pink blouse, darker pink skirt, and a scarf, rolled her eyes.  The butter cream cat then gave Rusty a glare.  The silver tabby in a blue shirt and jeans looked around for approval from his joke, but got none.  

“Yes, ahem…” Frederick said, adjusting his expensive sport coat, “Anyway, this table right here is one of my proudest pieces.  This goes all the way back to Leopold II.”

“Oh, that’s nothing,” Rusty replied, “We had a couch that went back to Walmart on the fifteenth.”

More sighs went up from the people who had gathered for the weekend party at the Von Straussen mansion.  Rusty’s mom, a vicious looking gray female cat named Nancy, snarled at her son.

“Rusty!” she hissed, her pearls clicking.

“Yes, Rusty, Mrs. Von Straussen needed our help.  That’s why the two of us are here,” Sam said, looking to get Rusty out of this tight spot.

She took him by the arm and led the silver tabby into the kitchen.

Away from the chatter and glares, Rusty sighed.

“What is with everyone today?” Rusty asked, “Can’t they just lighten up?”

“Rusty, there’s a time and place for jokes.  And this is NOT it!” Sam scolded him.

“Rusty’s jokes are the least of our worries,” said a serious voice.

The two kids looked over to the kitchen cabinets.  Standing there in an expensive looking green dress was Greta Von Straussen, the lovely wife of Frederick.  This dog was starting to show signs of her age, but she still looked quite beautiful.  She was firing up her espresso machine.

“I’m glad you two are here to help me, Rusty and Sam,” she said.

“I’m shocked, Mrs. Von Straussen,” Rusty asked, taking a tray of empty coffee cups to her, “You’re the matriarch of the richest family in town.  Where are all your servants?”

“I gave them this weekend off,” she responded, “But then my husband announced this celebration at the last minute. I’m quite short-handed right now.”

“Here’s the cream and cinnamon,” Sam said, setting them down next to Mrs. Von Straussen on the counter.

“I just wish I had more help,” Greta said with a sigh.

The French window in the kitchen that opened up to the outdoor gardens creaked all of a sudden and the three of them all witnessed the unexpected appearance of three additional figures.

Rusty, Sam and Greta got a good look at them.

They were three of them and looked alike.  They definitely were brothers and triplets, much like the Loutron boys.  They were tan squirrels with bushy tails and three brown stripes on their heads.  The trio were all dressed alike, each one in red pants and a white varsity sweater with red trim.  A monogrammed “W” was embroidered on their sweaters.

“Hello there,” they all said in unison.

“Why, hello,” Greta greeted them, not knowing what to make of the new arrivals.

“We couldn’t help but overhear you need some help,” the first one said.

“Yes, we’d be glad to give a hand,” added the second one.

“But of course,” Greta bubbled with glee at the thought of having help for the garden party.

Sam narrowed her eyes at the three brothers.

“I’ve never seen any of you before,” she intoned.

“Oh, that’s because we just moved into town,” responded the third squirrel.

“I see,” Greta said, a hand on her face in thought.

“So tell us your names,” Rusty inquired.

“My name is Who,” said the first one.

“I’m called What,” the second one proclaimed.

“They call me Why,” the third one explained.

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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  1. Zib says:

    Wait, wasn’t this the premise of a U.S. Acres cartoon?

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