Episode 6 Costuming Concepts

I’ve got some more sketches here from my sketchbooks on the art I’m planning to use for the sixth episode of Sunnyville Stories. At the time of this writing, I have not yet set a definitive schedule for when in 2012, I will start Sunnyville Stories episode 6. In addition to the planned trade paperback I want to put out, I’ll be working on some personal stuff and the plotting of my likely move to New Hampshire.

Speaking of New Hampshire, it was up there that I did these sketches. It happened during my trip to Manchester just after Thanksgiving.  

It was an evening at the Pavilion, the bar and restaurant of the Hilton Garden Inn of Manchester, that I started to sketch these.  I was seated in the lounge area, at the bar counter, and drinking Sam Adams Winter Lager (a superior brew).  I had my Moleskine sketchbook on me and was thinking about the sixth episode.

Episode 6 Rusty & Olaf Sketch

Rusty & Olaf Sketch

Just as a reminder, Sunnyville Stories episode 6 will be titled “Squeeze Play”.  It involves the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club putting on a play in honor of the town’s birthday.  (If you haven’t already, you can go back and read the script excerpt I posted.)

The play they are putting on is the classic story of Cinderella.  These sketches here are what I came up with for the costumes that Rusty and Olaf Eftirmatur would wear.  Here, I clearly establish Rusty’s role.  He’ll be playing the king and Olaf the Grand Duke.

Episode 6 Ragnar & Sam Sketch

Ragnar & Sam Sketch

Ragnar, Olaf’s older brother, will be playing the prince.  His costume concept was conceived on my second bottle of Sam Adams Winter Lager and just before I ordered dinner – a very powerful plate of Buffalo chicken tenders.

Ragnar’s costume is nothing special, just a crown and a cloak, which should suffice to establish him as royalty.  Sam though had to look like a lady reduced to servant status.  Hence, she has some very stereotypical clothes resembling that of a maid.

I need to flesh out a few more designs before I go ahead with drawing the story.  I also need to work out a schedule for when to work on Sunnyville Stories episode 6.

Any thoughts or comments?  Please post them here; I’ll take your questions.

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