Anthrocon 2012, Day 2

Today, Anthrocon 2012 kicked into full gear. Today the dealer room formally opened for business.

Anthrocon Dealer Room setting up

As I explained in yesterday’s post, the dealer room was greatly expanded. There’s all kinds of neat merchandise for sale. In fact, while we’re on the topic, make sure you stop at table A20 in the dealer room. Steven Martin has my Sunnyville Stories comics for sale and other cool stuff too.

I also stopped off at the Anthrocon art show to put up my work. Later tonight, I’ll be heading over to the art show for a special reception that only dealers and artists are allowed to attend. If you’re lucky enough to have an invitation to it, be sure you stop by to say hello and view my work!. But enough about the self-promotion. How about some photos?

Anthrocon Westin Hotel lobby

Uncle Kage and a fursuiter

The big man himself, convention chair Uncle Kage, and a fursuiter pose for a photo.

AC 2012 Fursuiter photo

Rarity My Little Pony fursuit

And look who came all the way from Ponyville…it’s Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (I’m a fan of course).

All in all, Anthrocon is shaping up to be a lot of fun. I’m also getting plenty of attention and lots of traffic to the blog. Don’t forget to spread the word. Help sell Sunnyville Stories and the artwork in the art show!

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