Anthrocon 2012, Day 3

Saturday is usually considered the busiest day of Anthrocon. By then, everyone’s arrived, the events kick into high gear, and the dealer room and artist alley are both abuzz with activity.

The four chosen works of mine hang in the Anthrocon 2012 art show. Many people have viewed them – but at this time, no bids have been placed. However, the comics continue to sell. Steven Martin has been moving Sunnyville Stories comics at his table. Plus the blog continues to see much traffic.

On top of that, I’m negotiating with M&T Comics and Cards to have them carry my trade paperback, Sunnyville Stories Volume 1. If all goes well, they’ll be able to carry it once it hits the streets.

So now, how about some more photos?

Anthrocon 2012 artist alley
The Anthrocon artist alley was jumping with activity. Artists, both hobbyists and professionals, hawked artwork for sale. I spent a bit of time here, saying hello to old friends, making new friends, and finding out what said people were up to.

Pit bull terrier

The associated charity with Anthrocon 2012 is Hello Bully, a dog rescue organization specializing in saving the American Pit Bull terrier. The photo you see here was taken in the dealer room. This dog was quite friendly and I scratched her behind the ears. I couldn’t get over that pink tutu, however.

Sly Cooper fursuit

Lady bunny fursuiter

Anthrocon 2012 panel on watercolor

This was a panel I attended on watercolor, hosted by Sara “Caribou” Palmer.

All in all, this has been a wild day for me. Much has been accomplished and I’ve sold comics. Plus at least FIVE people have told me in person that they love SUnnyville Stories. Clearly, this day belongs to me.

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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