Sunnyville Episode 6, page 3-4 pencils

I’ve got some more pencils up this week from episode 6.  If you remember last time, Rusty, Sam, and Margaret arrived a bit late to school.  But not for class…it was for a very important meeting.  Let’s have a look, shall we?

Episode 6, page 3 pencils
This is the first bleed I’ve used since episode 1 (it was used for the very first opening shot of the series).  This is a considerable crowd shot that we have here.  We’ve got the Eftirmatur brothers, Alex and Magnolia Talbot, and both Von Straussen kids.  This page also establishes that they are part of an extracurricular activity, the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club.

Again, for Sunnyville Stories episode 6, I’m drawing upon my own personal experiences.  I was active during freshman year of high school in a theater class.  We produced a play of “Alice in Wonderland” in which I played a dual role: an executioner and the Cheshire Cat.  I also tried to get into an after-school theater club that same year but had to drop it due to overload.  

Episode 6, page4 pencils

Here, we have more of the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club. The Tanukis and the Escavatores are shown in those top two panels (this is the debut of the three gophers I might add).  I didn’t want to include the entire theater club in that one shot on the previous page.  That would have cluttered up the page and it’s best to keep layouts smooth.  Don’t go for anything fancy until you become experience and even then, proceed with caution.

The lower panel where Rusty asks Ms. Mason about towns having birthday – that originally was going to be different.  Rusty’s interruption was going to be taken as offensive by Ms. Mason as if to portray that she’s upset with Rusty’s rude behavior.  She was going to be glaring at Rusty and her speech balloon was going to have “icicles” on it as if she was annoyed with Rusty.  In turn, Sam would be glaring at Rusty and Rose would be satisfied to see Rusty getting taken down a peg.

That’s not Ms. Mason’s personality though so I toned it down and had her answer Rusty’s question.  She does care about her students and feels that their questions should be answered.

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