Sunnyville Stories Episode 6, pages 5-6 pencils

My preparations for the Small Press Expo have been made and I’m very much looking forward to that.  Plus I’ve scanned more pencilled pages of Sunnyville Stories episode 6.  So let’s take a look at what I’ve got.

Episode 6, page 5 pencils

I introduce the Escavatores by name in a clever way. When they ask Ms. Mason a question, I have the teacher refer them to by name. Quite a simple way to get their names across to the readers, don’t you think?

It seems Ms. Mason is honestly unsure what play the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club.  So what does she do?

Episode 6, page 6 pencils.

She gets the whole of the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club to look through the scripts!

It looks like Rusty found an interesting play.  Yet, he has gotten the 1971 musical “Grease” confused with the graphic novel and movie 300.  I might add that Grease has some significance here.  When I first thought of this episode, I was going to have the theater club perform Grease.  For obvious reasons (mainly due to copyright), that was not workable for my comics.  This page however is meant as a shout to that idea.

The reaction to Rusty’s confusion however will have to wait until the next blog post.

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