Sunnyville Episode 6, pages 1-2 pencils

Sunnyville Stories Episode 6 “Squeeze Play” is in production and in fact, I’ve got some rough pencilled pages to show you today.

Episode 6 page 1 pencils

As the story opens up, Rusty, Sam and Margaret Macgregor are headed to their local school.  

The bottom panel is an interesting one.  Rusty mentions that he watches the Great Space Coaster, which was a popular kids show from the 1980s.  Again this reinforces the whole retro universe concept of Sunnyville – influenced by Maple Town.  Sunnyville is meant to be a place where time stands still so a lot of the culture; technology popular with the children are primarily that of my own childhood, the 1980s.  Check out Margaret’s reaction to Rusty’s revelation.

That was not in the original script.  My script called for Rusty to be still munching on a piece of toast and yelling at the girls that he couldn’t face the day without having a rousing breakfast.  It wasn’t by any means bad…but I thought there could be something funnier.  So why not have Rusty hold the girls up by wanting to finish watching a 1980s kids show?

Anyway, I’m quite happy with the pencils here.  They definitely work well.

Episode 6 page 2 pencil

Here, the three of them enter the school auditorium. You can see some props there in the background designed to make that scene look like a school. Besides a few signs to guide students and any visitors, I put up a poster giving notice of band tryouts. Again, you have to make a comics world believable. Don’t think of it as being lines on paper. Think of it as being an actual place!

In the bottom panel, Ms. Mason (the music teacher) greets them rather sternly.  I love the expression I gave Sam.  She seems to hold Rusty responsible for them not being on time to the meeting.  A number of props are in the background, literal props that belong on a stage.  The three of them are here for…well, I’ll have to show you in the next installment of pencils.

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