Sunnyville Stories Episode 6, page 2

I’ve got some more inked pages here to share with everyone.  I’m 3/4 of the way done with Sunnyville Stories episode 6.  It may be delayed however until the end of the year.  Why?  I’m going to be taking a trip for personal reasons and this is obviously going to cut into my work time.  But enough about that – let’s get onto the pages.

Episode 6 page 2, top panel

Like I said before, the inking process makes the images much more crisp than when rendered in pencil.  Contrast this again to the original pencils I did for page 2. 

Notice that sign and that wall poster on band tryouts.  I have to make this school look like it’s an actual school and not some painted on background.  So I have to put in props to help clarify the location.  It all stems back to the basic item that comics need to have – clarity.

Episode 6 page 2, bottom panel

Ms. Mason is what you would call a cool teacher, but that still doesn’t mean you can be lax. You must be on time, whether or not it’s for class with her.

Besides the line art and filling in black spots, another good part about inking comics is how using patterns helps the art.  If you looked at my original pencils, the characters lacked that quality that helped them pop out from the page.  When doing the inking, I’m able to use hatching (a single set of lines), crosshatching (two or three sets of inked lines), scribbling (exactly what it says on the tin), and stippling (dots).  This helps to replicate shades of grey on the page and add a mix.  It’s like I explained before when you’re inking comics – in a panel of all whites or all blacks, nothing stands out.

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