Sunnyville Ep. 6, pages 9-10 pencils

Today, I’ve got some new pencils up for the pages of Sunnyville Stories episode 6.

Episode 6, page 9 pencils

It seems that Ms. Mason has settled on a choice for the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club. They will be putting on a production of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella.  This was a logical choice for myself also in writing the story.  Everyone is familiar with the story of Cinderella (thanks in part of the Disney movie) so it makes a good choice for the play.

Did I also mention that the fairy tale is in the public domain?  

Ms. Mason then goes off to make copies.  The club reads over the script, gets familiar with it, and decide to have their auditions.

Therefore we cut ahead to the day that the roles are chosen.

Episode 6, page 10 pencils

The boys of the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club eagerly wait to hear who has been chosen for what role. Playing the role of the prince turns out to be none other than…Ragnar Eftirmatur, the eldest son of the town bakers!

Lars and Helga are proud of their son.  Rusty’s mom, Nancy, doesn’t seem pleased.  (FYI, she’s the second from the left.)  I guess she wanted her own son to be the leading role.  That’s not unlike my own mom who was very much a “stage mom”, who only valued me when I was “number one”.

I wonder who’ll be picked to be Cinderella.  But that will have to wait until next time.

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