Inking Von Herling

I’ve been busy lately, but not with Sunnyville Stories.  I’ve been working on my original graphic novel Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.  Just yesterday, I finally finished the pencils.  At this time, I’m going to work on inking the book.  Work on Sunnyville Stories episode 9 will be delayed until around June 1.

Why the decision?  I’m not in a rush to do episode 9.  As for the second volume of Sunnyville Stories, that book is mostly complete.  It just needs to have the individual pages reviewed, retouched (if necessary), and organized.  Von Herling though is tricky.  For that, I have to ink just over 100 pages of art – more than double the length of an individual installment of Sunnyville.  

Von Herling pages to be inked

See that stack of bristol board?  That is just over 100 pages of the book that has to be inked.  Luckily, eight pages have already been inked and a few other pages have already been rendered on the computer thanks to Photoshop.

So far, the longest individual installment of Sunnyville I’ve done is episode 6.  That was 44 pages.  This however is more than twice that length with the total pages of art being at 120.

Let this be a warning to all of you out there who thinks that making comics is easy money or requiring little skill.  It is neither.  You need to have discipline, skill, patience, and a bit of luck to do it.

The fact that I’ve done eight whole stories of Sunnyville and pencilled a whole graphic novel automatically makes me better than most of the would-be’s out there.  Many of the hobbyists and stragglers out there will never draw a thing at all or even get past the first story.

Anyone wanting to keep track of my progress on Von Herling should stay tuned to this blog for updates and also should keep an eye on my WordPress blog for sample pages and art.

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