Episode 9 Page 1 Revisited

Following up after the last post I did, I finally managed to get some scans of the pages after inking them in.

As you recall before, pencils usually don’t reproduce well and in spite of my best efforts, I could NOT reproduce on the pencils on a photocopier or  a scanner.  

Episode 9 page 1 panel 1

Here, we start out with a cold opening.

Rusty is looking out a pair of binoculars and here we have an upfront, close view.  I don’t know if it’s the heat and or humidity but the ink seems to bleed a bit more into the page than usual.  Nevertheless, the rough ink lines still came out well.

Those really thick lines for the binocular lenses were done with a Speedball A4 nib.  That’s one of the nibs I treat as a one-of-a-kind.  I only use it really for big lettering (like when someone shouts).  But since it produces a nice thick line of fixed width, it would definitely work here for the thicker lines in the foreground.

Episode 9 page 1 panel 2

Here, we have a medium shot of Rusty Duncan looking through his binoculars from his bedroom window.

In spite of the bleeding ink, I was still able to produce solid lines here.  I also had a bit of fun with Rusty’s room.  Notice the model of the USS Enterprise behind him on the dresser drawer.  I also added a sports pennant from a team in nearby Solton (a beachfront resort town which we’ll see more of in time) as well as a 1980s style rock poster.

The ink lines were done with Speedball 512 and 513 nibs with a Hunt 107 for the thinner lines of the window and the wilderness outside.

We’ll have to wait till next however to see what Rusty’s looking at.

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