Episode 9 Page 2, Top Panels

I did the inked lines for the second page of Sunnyville Stories episode 9.  As you remember from last time, Rusty was up in his room and had binoculars.  What was he doing?  See for yourself.  


Rusty is spying on his neighbor Mrs. Hauptmann who lives across the street from him.  As I explained before, Mrs. Hauptmann is an offscreen character whom we’ll never see.  Therefore, I have to give various clues in the story as to her appearance, demeanor and background.

Since Rusty Duncan is spying on her with his binoculars, it can be inferred that Mrs. Hauptmann is quite good looking.  That’s also reinforced by Rusty’s comment.

Episode 9 page 2, panel 2


As you can see, this is a rough inking of the page.  Only the lines have been done.  I have yet to erase the pencil lines, spot blacks, or correct errors.  As you’ll notice here, I had some problems with spattering ink.  Lucky for me, I can cover that up later with white paint.

We learn some more things here.  It’s again reinforced that Mrs. Hauptmann is attractive.  We also learn that Rusty likes the color pink and that Mrs. Hauptmann looks good in a bikini.  On top of that, the Hauptmanns also have a pool.  Not only will I show that in other panels, but that’s also implied by the fact that Mrs. Hauptmann is wearing a bikini.

Rusty is also showing a healthy interest in females.  I’ll have more panels up next time.

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