Sunnyville Episode 9 Thumbnails

I fell a little bit behind after the news from yesterday that my company has been accepted for distribution by BCH Fulfillment & Distribution.  I had paperwork to fill out and mail as well as some research to do.  But I’ve gotten most of the thumbnails for Sunnyville Stories episode 9 done.  I’m trying to make sure the story doesn’t run too long.  It was unavoidable with Sunnyville Stories episode 6; I need to make sure the story doesn’t drag on.

As it’s shaping up, the story may run around 38 to 40 pages.  I’ll keep you posted on what the final page count will be once the thumbnails are finished and I review them.  

Sunnyville Stories number 9 thumbnails page

As usual, I work out thumbnails on lined notebook paper since it’s just that – rough thumbnail sketches.

This story has what you may call a “cold opening”.  As our story opens up, I’ve chosen to show Rusty Duncan with a pair of binoculars.

Sunnyville Stories number 9 thumbnail page 2

It turns out that Rusty is spying on his neighbor, Mrs. Hauptmann, with those binoculars.

Once I start pencilling the pages, I’ll show the finished product and how this will eventually lead into our story.

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