Dominic and Claire Work Part 3

Work is continuing on Dominic & Claire, the Sunnyville Stories spin-off.  But as I’ve said before, there is a lot more to comics than just drawing them.

Sunnyville Stories is an art comic first and foremost.  It’s personal expression – I have explained before I considered it an auteur comic.  In contrast, Dominic & Claire is comedy, being a gag-based comic.  Humor has a more broad appeal than niche material than Sunnyville.  Therefore, I intend to get Dominic & Claire out on schedule in February 2019.  It is imperative I get it out to sell at both FM Comicon and another possible event in March.  

A key part of this plan is to have a special printer do the comic on newsprint.  Should this part of the plan fall through, I have plotted out two contingencies.  One of them, my plan B, involves other suppliers printing on newsprint and the last resort, plan C, will involve using another printer to produce Dominic & Claire as a digest-sized mini-comic unlike the original plan.

Why is it so important that Dominic & Claire hit the streets in February as planned?

It is part of my plan to enter the direct market via Diamond Distribution.  What that means is that I want to put my work out there in the mainstream retail comic book shops in the United States and Canada.

Now I need to emphasize at this time, this is an option I am seriously thinking about.  I did not say I will do this for certain.  The product for distribution would be the Dominic & Claire comics, NOT Sunnyville.

To this extent, I am studying the direct market and how Diamond works.  This is a challenge as Diamond works in strange ways.

I hope to make another post later with more news on the Dominic & Claire comics and my upcoming plans for 2019.  Stay tuned!

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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