Sunnyville Episode 4 pages 11-12 pencils

Sunnyville Stories episode 4 is being processed by the nice people over at Ka-Blam – I hope to have it go on sale soon as I check the proof I get mailed.  So while we’re waiting for that announcement, let’s check out some more of the rough pencils for that comic.

Episode 4 page 11 pencilsPreviously, we met Sam’s older brother, Rolf, for the first time.  He’s come to visit his family…only to stumble onto trouble.  It seems that Mr. Jakes, the local badger, that runs the repair shop has fallen behind on his work.

This scene with Rusty holding Sam’s baby sister Ana was a charming scene.  We’re about to see that Rusty is very good with children.  That was based on one of my own personal experiences.  There’ve been times that I’ve babysat or I’ve held children.  I have been told that I’d make a great father.  Hmm…maybe Rusty might make a good father someday himself.  

Episode 4 page 12 pencilsThis type of behavior isn’t at all unusual with babies.  They tend to be uncomfortable if held or embraced by strangers.  This should be interesting then that she likes Rusty.

If anyone did read the previous comics pages, you’ll notice that Mr. Jakes did have a ton of stuff that he has not yet fixed.  Could there be a connection between that, his sadness, and that young badger he was looking at in the photo?  Rolf may know something about that…but alas, loyal readers, it will have to wait until next week.

I did also want to share a cool painting that I did for the cover of Sunnyville Stories episode 4.

See and Ski

"See and Ski", Gouache and ink on paper, 10x14 in.

I’ve been trained with watercolors.  Normally, when I use gouache paint, I’ll thin it out with lots of water and use it like watercolors.  This painting of mine marks the first time that I’ve really used gouache paint somewhat thick.  I love the way this painting came out and it will make for a nice cover for the fourth episode of Sunnyville Stories.

If anyone is interested, this artwork is available as a print from my DeviantArt account.  Be sure to grab this as a giclee or photo print if it strikes your fancy.

So any thoughts on my comic or painting?  Any of you comic artists out there who also like to paint?  Feel free to leave your questions and comments here.  I WILL answer you.

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