Episode 5 and Future Works

As I type this, I’m waiting for a proof copy of the fourth episode of Sunnyville Stories from the nice people at Ka-Blam.  I’ve already started the thumbnails for the next episode of Sunnyville Stories.  That will be the fifth episode and it will be titled “Dance Hall Days”.  Yes, it’s named after the song by 1980s New Wave band, Wang Chung.  This will be the second episode of my saga that shares its name with a song title.

Episode 5 Teaser



















This episode was largely based on some of my own personal experiences.  When I was younger, there were dances held at school.  I was TERRIFIED of going to them.  Why?  I couldn’t dance.  I always feared how others would react.  That of course will be the key conflict in this episode.  A local dance is behind held.  Rusty at first refuses to go, but his parents actually command him to attend.  This causes a problem…Rusty can’t dance.  The episode is about facing your fears and will revolve around Sam trying to help her friend face his anxiety about the upcoming dance.  At the time of this writing, I’m working out thumbnails and gathering photo reference.  Expect to see it sometime in the late summer of 2011.

The sixth episode will probably not be entering production until next year (more on this in a moment).  That episode will be titled “Squeeze Play” and again, it was based on some of my personal experiences.  The basic gist of the story is that Rusty and friends put on a play for the townspeople.  Want to know more?  Sorry, friends, but that will have to wait.

The reason that Sunnyville Stories episode 6 is being delayed is because I’m aiming to work on a trade paperback of the series after finishing episode 5.  That’s right – I aim to gather the first three episodes of the series, fix them up, and put them into a real live trade paperback.  The book will also have a bonus story and some other extra goodies.  There’ll be more details on this soon, but I aim for a release around Christmas of this year or at the latest, the start of 2012.  I will also get an ISBN number for this book so it can be listed on Amazon.com and carried in your friendly neighborhood bookstores.

That’s it for now.  I’ll have more pencilled comics pages up on the weekend and even more goodies next week.

Any comments or questions?  I’ll field them here.  Be sure to subscribe via RSS or email if you haven’t and grab your copies of Sunnyville comics from the store.


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