Episode 9, pages 1-2

I have some finished art to share with everyone today. After much work on both Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 and Von Herling, Vampire Hunter, I’ve finally gotten back to work on Sunnyville Stories episode 9. I have a few pages of art ready to show.

Sunnyville Stories Episode 9, page 1

As our story kicks off, we find Rusty Duncan up in his room. He’s looking out the window with binoculars. By the way, notice the stuff in Rusty’s room. There’s a 1980s style rock poster, a sports pennant, and a model of the starship Enterprise.

I might add that the lines make look a little fuzzy. When I drew this page, my bottle of Higins black ink was deteriorating. That also would show on the pages of Von Herling I was inking. This should serve as a warning that black ink doesn’t last forever. It has a finite shelf life. It also can be affected by the weather; my problems with the ink didn’t start until the summer and the humidity therein.

Sunnyville Stories episode 9, page 2

We see what Rusty is watching. He’s watching his next door neighbor, Mrs. Hauptmann, swimming in her pool. Just to refresh your memory, Mrs. Hauptmann is an unseen character.

You can tell a lot about a character by what they say and do. Here we can deduce a few things. First, we can tell that puberty is in full effect with Rusty Duncan; he definitely enjoys looking at ladies. We also learn that Rusty’s favorite color is pink and that the Hauptmann family has a swimming pool. Most of all, we don’t (and never will) see Mrs. Hauptmann. But it’s implied that she’s very good looking. Rusty is quick to comment on how she looks in a two-piece bikini.

I’ll have some more artwork up next time.

Anyway, stay tuned for updates concerning my planned Kickstarter.  Please purchase copies of Sunnyville Stories and tell everyone you can about my work!   Tell your library that you want Sunnyville Stories – we are carried through BrodartIngram, and the library division of Alibris!  Don’t forget that you can still get Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 for Kindle as well as paperback. Check out the book’s Goodreads entry for other retailers as well as libraries carrying it!

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